A ZGO walk-through of the EnGeniux Oton X UI (Beta)

EnGeniux was kind enough to extend to me an invitation to their media beta preview, in which media has a chance to view the OTON X UI (I will provide screenshots of the UI along with my impressions of them). Most of my article will be written as I experience each facet of the website and then after an objective overview of things and then after I’ve seen the entire UI beta, with any changes I’ve come to (for better or worse) after seeing everything. Of course, if there are updates to the beta (which I’m sure there will be), I’ll revisit this review, and update with my new thoughts on the changes. Rest assured readers, I’ll be following this beta and the OTON X closely.

To Start: You may have heard a bit about the OTON X already, if you have fantastic and I hope you are as excited as I am for what it could bring to the table in terms of gaming. If not, here’s a quick, simplified run down of what the OTON X, can do:

The OTON X will be able to create fully playable levels AND games on the fly, without a full time developer; it will use a sprite database to create game environments and some complex technical algorithms to generate the game world. EnGeniux’s aim with this is to allow developers to deliver content at a faster pace to the consumer.

With that out of the way, it’s time for me to sharpen my claws and dig into the meat of the UI Beta! 

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Written by: William Ashley

I'm a Canadian Gamer, living in the USA, and I've been gaming for most of my life, there isn't a genre of game I haven't tried, or am not willing to sit down with. Feel free to send gaming news tips, or game review idea to me through twitter!

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