We Will Remember You – MXC : Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!!!


MXC- Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano

Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano

Who doesn’t remember one of the most infamous crews  on Spike TV? Kenny Blankenship, Vic Romano, Captain Tenneal and Guy LeDouche, lead to many of our afternoons and nights ending with us laughing so hard, we were in tears and random flashbacks of the show caused us to laugh randomly in inappropriate situations! Most Extreme Elimination challenge (or for the last couple of years Most Extreme Elimination/MXE), was originally a game show called Takeshi’s Castle that aired from 1986-89 and was completely re-edited with no Japanese voices, just the American voice overs for the cast and the contestants that were completely unrelated to the Japanese dialog. Hilarious names like Babaganoosh  and the pitch of MXC  as a comedic game show, made  it so popular, that the  several actors from Takeshi’s Castle who’s careers were failing, received a surge of life in Japan!


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Each episode featured teams named after real life opposing sides and some just named for the sake of hilarity like “Donors vs Addicts” .

The outrageously challenging obstacle courses were named after references of immature bowel movement terms like Log Drop, Sinkers and Floaters, slang (Dope on a Rope) and various nonsensical names along with sexual pun filled dialogue, that gave MXC it’s charm. Most of the contestants were named after friends of the producers, voice over actors, but mainly politicians and celebrities which served as a platform to jab at whatever scandal they were involved in at the time.

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The “Most Painful Eliminations of The Day” gave us the best bits of the show using the MXC impact replay.

 In 2007, after the network name change, MXC (then known as MXE), was scrapped after 5 seasons and 81 episodes. Since Takeshi’s Castle was short lived, it was only inevitable that MXC was bound to end.  If you’re an old or new fan of MXC, do yourself a favor and stop by Amazon and Ebay and treat yourself to years of laughter. MXC, we will always remember you and you have a place in our hearts forever!

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

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