Thunderbolts #14 Infinity Tie-In – Review

Thunderbolts #14
Somebody asked General Thaddeus Thunderbolt “Red Hulk” Ross for about tree fiddy.
Thunderbolts #14 starts off with the team of Deadpool, Punisher, Elektra, Venom, Red Leader, and Mercy taking down what appears to be the Loch Ness Monster. When the mission is finished; General Ross explains to the team what their purpose is and how they are to help one another. The Punisher then briefs the team on their next mission, at the end of which; Venom tells the team the whereabouts of the Avengers; and Deadpool, finally being rational can not stop thinking about the statement. The Punisher brushes off the comment and continues forward with the mission at hand.
The team has one of the more interesting chemestries with the mixing of such volatile and solo personalities. Charles Soule does a wonderful job of capturing the varying personalities whilst also giving a balance to the tone of the comic. When The Punisher speaks, he’s all business, a very stark contrast as to when Deadpool speaks and brings the comic relief to the book. Jefte Palo and Terry Pallot bring a very interesting art style to the table with very minimal round edges. Their current style allows the characters to pop off the panels.
This ragtag team has an interesting chemistry on the pages; hopefully it can only grow stronger in the coming issues, especially during these exciting times on Earth-626.

Written by: The Grouch

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