Who is The Lady?

The Lady


Who IS The Lady?

The Lady is someone who is struggling; we all struggle at some time in our lives. She is someone is who is very confused, lost, anxious, depressed, unsure of who to trust because no one has ever proved they can be trusted. Figuring out how to advance in life is a puzzle, this game is The Lady’s puzzle.

In a lot of ways the story of the game is about myself, even though I’m a man and not a woman with no arms. I’ve gone through the toughest period of my life over the last 3-4 years, and the only good thing that comes out of my rough periods are usually some of my best creative works. The Lady is an ensemble of all of the types of art I have always loved to make, music, art, games, film, but this was the first opportunity I had to combine them all into the same project, she is my Frankenstein basically.

During the demo, The Lady looks like some sort of zombie-type, with no arms and legs. Her only defense are the steam sounding projections that she releases from her head. Why no appendages and what exactly are these projections?

She has legs, I just wanted a more cinematic style for the game, and to me it feels more personal to be in a tighter shot. I really wanted to showcase the character art, so the user can see the different emotions in the animations. As for her arms, it definitely represents something, maybe a sense of helplessness, or a loss of something, like confidence. They may or may not make an appearance in the game; I want to keep that a surprise for the players.The projection is her soul, shooting out of her body; it is her only defense mechanism. As the game progresses we might make it look like her whole body, to represent her “finding herself” as the experience goes on.

Will levels/bosses in The Lady become increasingly difficult?

Yes, the game is going to be what I like to call “retro game difficult”, similar to the difficulty level of games like Ghost N Goblins. We intentionally made the demo so that you can’t die because we’re still working out exactly how we want to portray death or loss. In the full version of the game it will be like old school games, 3 deaths and 3 continues then you’re done. There will be no save/load, so the difficulty of finishing the game will be very rewarding. I predict a full play through of the game to be around 30-45 minutes, or an hour if you explore more, but it is going to be brutal.

The Lady Level 5 With Ghost

There are so many games in the industry that don the label “horror” but leave the players disappointed. So far though, the enemies look pretty freaky looking for The Lady. Should players expect to be truly scared?

I wouldn’t say scared, I would say more “Wtf” or to be unnerved. It’s really up to the player to come to their own conclusions– maybe it will bring out feelings they have about themselves that they never knew existed. It’s definitely going to be horror and from all of the feedback so far, I’ve been inspired to push the horror “Wtf” factor even further, while still sticking with the inspiration for the game.

What was the inspiration behind The Lady?

Basically in 2009 I had come to a stale point in my musical/artistic life, and life in general. I took a break from doing everything I loved, boxing, playing in bands, making art, separated myself from people, etc. In a good and bad way, this turned out to be a huge mistake because it brought out the depression and anxiety that had lingered inside my soul for probably my whole life. In 2011 I went through a really bad health period and it took quite some time to figure out what was going on. In the beginning of 2013 I knew I had to get back to making music and art, and that returning to doing things that always made me happy would be the only way to get out of the “funk”. So I made a few game soundtracks for other devs, which was kind of unsatisfying because their games were not the kind of games I would play and didn’t fit my musical style. Then I did an animated short film score (can be found here https://soundcloud.com/mprart-1/untitled-animated-short-film ), for one of the Concept Artist who works at TellTale Games (Walking Dead, etc) and this project was perfect for my style; I bonded immediately with the project creator. That project really inspired me and that’s when I knew I needed to start making my own games to be satisfied artistically. Eventually I came across a game called Neverending Nightmares and a light went off in my head:  “Why aren’t I making my own games??? I have all of the tools!”.

For potential pledgers, can you tell readers what they can expect from the finished version of The Lady?

The finished version is going to be comparable to an emotional rollercoaster, spiritually, visually, atmospherically, and musically. They can expect a brutally puzzling challenge, both game mechanic wise and mentally.

I want the user to come away with a new outlook on games, on storytelling, on life. There are too many games out there that are made for the sake of “hey I made a game”; there’s nothing personal or artistic to me about that. Art needs to be personal and the argument that “games aren’t art” is very offensive to me. Games are the juxtaposing or combining I should say, of every art form out there, storytelling, music, visual art, etc. What a gamer should expect when playing any of my games, is a personal and artistic experience and I hope that they can come away with something that brings out an emotion inside them, be it a new emotion, good or bad.

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Here’s our play -through of “The Lady” on YouTube !

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

Lover of all cheese and red velvet cakes. Writer, dancer, horrible singer, comic book hoarder and huge SNES fan. Probably the only person on the planet that doesn't think the Dreamcast was all that great.

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  1. Roch January 23, 2014 | Reply
    It's so cool that characters in games now have their own life story and background. Gaming is not all about playing and finishing the game but also understanding the reasons behind each character.
  2. Charmaine manansala January 23, 2014 | Reply
    Honestly so creepy looking haha but I really did enjoy reading about the story behind the game. It's really cool! For some reason it reminds me of silent hill lol idk why.
  3. Aisha Kristine Chong January 23, 2014 | Reply
    I think things like these has its own story - and this too - has its own and I believe you have addressed the story in more than ways than one - it definitely say a lot about "The Lady" and the things she has gone through - experienced and has seen.
  4. Franc Ramon January 23, 2014 | Reply
    Wow the game looks really hair raising. I hope they develop it well into a creepy gaming experience because of the characters and the concept.
  5. Shekinah January 23, 2014 | Reply
    Wow! I'm amazed with the storyline. While reading "Who is the Lady" I was like, "Oh wow! I can relate to her character. Haha!" I also watched the video of your play-through.

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