Surgeon Simulator 2013- Game Review

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Game ReviewPublisher/Developer: Bossa Studios
Price: $9.99
Platform: Steam






Surgeon Simulator  2013 is based on the prototype that became a Youtube sensation after being created in 48 hours at the Global Game Jam in January of this year. Featuring the WAY over-the-top storyline operation sim focused on Nigel Burke, a man who wants to be a surgeon and performs “life saving” surgery on some seemingly desperate patients.

Game Review – Surgeon Simulator 2013

The Good

Be a surgeon without all the years of school and the inevitable wrongful death lawsuits

Surgeon Simulator 2013 I don’t think I’ve EVER laughed so hard at a game in my LIFE. This is purely a game for humor and it will definitely keep your attention especially with the way the controls are set up. The A,W,E,R and the space bar help you control the fingers independently, the direction of  your mouse moves your arm and holding down the left mouse button move the hand up and down and twists it left and right. The catch is, you only have ONE hand and even with the seemingly simple controls, it’s clumsy as hell and that’s the BEST part! After becoming frustrated with how unlevel everything is, I went crazy and took the axe and hacked my patients chest open, grabbed and turned on the drill and left it running while it continuously drilled into the patients right lung, took my hand and pulled out some of the patients small intestine and finally the patient passed away. EXTREMELY therapeutic game.  Some of the tools are obvious non-no’s in an operating room: a huge wrench, liquor, the aforementioned axe, a switchblade… I can’t even explain to you the amount of fun I had carving and destroying my patients. Does that make me a psychopath?

The Bad

The Honeymoon phase is over.

Surgeon Simulator gameThe very same thing that makes Surgeon Simulator 2013 so great, is what makes it so got damned boring in the end. After about 20 minutes of  destruction, I buckled down and actually tried to make through these surgeries– I’m absolutely sure someone can do it, just not me. I tried over and over to perform the very first surgery and the more I tried, the more annoyed I became. Yes, even with the clumsy controls, your goal is to actually keep your patients alive and finish the surgeries and within two hours of trying and knowing that Surgeon Simulator 2013 was practically meant for FAIL surgery, I lost complete interest.

The Results Are In

Surgeon Simulator reviewI can’t take away what Surgeon Simulator 2013 has going for it, a gorey, hilarious, therapeutic game full of potential, trolling every player it comes across. But novelty wore off super fast and before I knew it was completely turned off. However, I did just play it again, and it really helped me with the frustration I incurred from an argument with a coworker in the day, but once the adrenaline settled, so did my desire to play Surgeon Sim.

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