Snobby Comic Book Guy’s Picks of the Week!

Snobby Comic Book Guy's Picks of The Week

YES BABY! Back on track with another week of comic book picks for you. I went a little off the beaten path and picked up two new titles that I normally wouldn’t have bothered with, but rather than give you the same thing each week, I want to try and broaden all our perspectives in comics. So here is what I got last week.


[img src=]160 John Carpenter’s Asylum #1
Written by Bruce Jones and art and cover by Leonardo Manco, Asylum tells the story of a broken down priest working to fight against the Devil’s minions and halt the Apocalypse. The art is solid and the story reads like a movie. In fact, I got a flashback of the movie Constantine while reading this. Not necessarily a bad thing but this book is definitely more rated for the gore fans. I’m giving it a chance to impress me further.
[img src=×10241-300×461.jpg]50Earth 2 Annual #1
Wait a minute!!! The Snob picked up a new DC title? What madness is this? It’s true. In hopes of getting more people to read, I’ve taken the liberty of picking up a title I normally would not be interested in. This title however, finally reveals the Batman of the Earth 2 series. What I liked so far was that Batman isn’t working primarily in Gotham but the whole world. However, I feel that the creators came a little short in really making a great impression with me. Written by James Robinson, art by Cafu, Julius Gopez, Pete Pantazis, and the cover by Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson, it has the potential to be a solid story. Don’t expect to see a lot of this new Batman yet. Again this was an annual book so it gave a good, broad spectrum of what’s going on in the Earth 2 main story.
[img src=]40Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #1
Written by Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson and art by Agustin Padilla and Priscilla Tramontano. I love reading about the Dinobots– they were my favorites in the original tv show (alongside Soundwave of course). With the war on Cybertron over, the Dinobots try to etch out a living protecting the other survivors. Grimlock’s difficulty controlling his beast form is clearly apparent and an old threat emerges from the darkness with new tricks up its sleeve. For a story that continues from where the video game left off, I have to say I’m still very interested. At least when I read and see the pictures of the fights in this book, someone isn’t shaking the damn thing and making it look like a jumbled mess. Michael Bay could learn from this.
[img src=]60Dark Avengers #190
Written by Jeff Parker, art by Neil Edwards, Terry Pallot, Sotocolor, and cover art by Joe Quinones, this is the wrap up of everything that has happened to the team since their first mission in the Middle East. It’s a great way to wrap it all up, wonderful artwork and well written, I only hope that this isn’t the last we hear from these characters. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more from this new team.
[img src=]30New Avengers #6
Written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Frank D’Armata, and Cover art by Jock. The Illuminati continue to learn more about the cause of the parallel universes colliding and make some very difficult decisions in preventing it from happening to their world. This has been a great concept; it’s definitely different from your standard Avengers where they just attack the bad guy until they stay down. It may come off a bit slow after 6 issues but I do believe I see the buildup to something exciting.
[img src=]80Indestructible Hulk #8
Written by Mark Waid and art by Walter Simonson, issue #8 wraps up the first mission of Banner’s science team in Jotenheim. I still love this book and I can’t wait to read more of it. Thor and Hulk as a team only promises epic fight scenes and the occasional rivalry. The artwork has a classic comic style to it which gives the idea of time travel that has occurred in this arc more merit.
[img src=×1024.jpg]20Uncanny X-Force #5
Written by Sam Humphries art by Adrian Alphona, Dexter Soy and cover art by Kris Anka. What happened to Bishop is finally answered, however, this just makes a whole new slew of problems for Charlie and his Angels… er…. I mean Puck, Storm and Psylock. To be honest, I’m getting frustrated again with this story, which is probably what the plan was to begin with. Every time I read an issue I’m left with more questions and a desire to learn more. So in actuality, I still like this book.
[img src=]50Wolverine and the X-Men #30
Written by Jason Aaron, art by Pasqual Ferry, Pepe Larraz, Salva Espin, and cover art by Nick Bradshaw and Laura Martin. The only reason I found this book interesting is because I looked at it like a comedy. Now they are trying to be all serious with the main villains being a bunch of psychotic kids. I think it will suffice to say, I’m not sure I like where this is heading. Being that this is the first time this book has me worried about its story, I’m willing to be open minded about it.
[img src=]40X-Men #1
Written by Brian Wood, art by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Laura Martin, and cover art by Coipel and Martin as well. I know a few of you are just waiting to read what I thought about this one; the highly anticipated, all female team of X-Men! Part 1 of a 3 part story, there is really not much to critique here. What I do see is that it continues off the previous X-Men story arc which I found dreadfully boring. Granted, these are some of the most badass women in the X-Men’s history, so I know there won’t be any pulling of punches once the shit has hit the fan. In fact, it’s the very last page that has my hopes up for a good book here. Once more, the artwork is amazing; the writing is clear-cut and doesn’t lose the reader. I, for one will continue to see how far this story goes.

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Written by: Bradley Yesko

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