Snobby Comic Book Guy’s Picks Of The Week!

Snobby Comic Book Guy's Picks of The Week




First off, let me apologize for the large gap in updates. Now that I got my crap together I should be able to be more on time with weekly pickups. This week, I’ll be giving a look into the best titles I read over the last 4 weeks. I’ll also make some notes of titles that need to be mentioned. So here we go…


[img src=]370Avengers #11
Written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Mike Deodato, and cover art byDustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor. Right off the bat, this cover is all about fists and feet of fury. However, what appeared to be an issue that would and could have brought any Kung-Fu fan to tears turned into a less than impressive James Bond scene. Not that I don’t like James Bond movies but look at that cover! I was expecting amazing fight scenes not teasing screen shots from Shang-Chi (the only character in this issue to get into a fight).
[img src=]120Lookouts #5
Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, with art by Robb Mommaerts and story written by Ben McCool. This is a continuation of a small story arc created by the minds behind Penny Arcade, one of my favorite webcomics. This issue has the Lookouts licking their wounds from their battle with the sphinx and pre planning a counter attack. I love this particular book and I wish it came out more often. Great artwork and writing make this a story to even read with a younger audience, I say that now cause the language and overall nastiness that I love about Penny arcade doesn’t poke it’s head out in this book.
[img src=]70Age of Ultron #8
Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Brandon Peterson who also does the amazing cover art for this issue. If watching Doctor Who has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t fuck with the time stream. We see how killing Hank Pym before he created Ultron changed the world, and it is not a pretty picture. Wolverine and Invisible Woman’s return to the present only makes things more complicated as the current heroes of this time are facing a threat from their pasts. This story continues to keep my interests and I am really looking forward to seeing Angela in issue 10.
[img src=]30Pathfinders Issue #7
Written by Jim Zub with art by Jake Bilbao and Cover art by Carlos Gomez. Taking place after their first adventure, the group celebrates and continues to stay sharp with a bit of sparring practice. But what happens when you throw in a murderous cult, the return of an evil deity and a mysterious creature killing livestock? You get the setup for the group to start hunting one of the most dangerous and exciting creatures in the Dungeons and Dragons world.
[img src=]70Green Lantern Issue #20
Written by Geoff Johns , this book was done with more artists that I care to name. However I would like to say they did an amazing job at it all. With three two page spreads and a poster sized inlet, this was the ultimate anniversary issue ending the Wrath of the First Lantern story arc. This really is one of the few DC stories that hits its mark in my opinion. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens next.
[img src=]50Cable and X-Force Issue #8
Written by Dennis Hopeless with art and cover art by Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata. Remember the fastball special? When Colossus would throw Wolverine right into the fray of villains? Well how about a Spaceball Special? Read this issue and find out what Cable and Colossus do to free their comrades from a psychotic alien and a fleet of vengeance crazed aliens wanted to kill it.
[img src=]30X-Men Legacy Issue #11
Written by Simon Spurrierand art by Paul Davidson, Tan Eng Huat, Craig Veung, and cover art by Mike Del Mundo. The truth of the I.B.S.S is revealed, and Legion still wants the cure for<br /><br />his mutant powers. Blindfold tries to recruit a team to save him but will it be too late? This is how a tie in to another book should go. Learn from this one DC. I’m getting tired of your shit over there.
[img src=]70A+X Issue #8
Spider-Woman + Kitty Pryde{& Lockheed} story written by Gerry Ouggan with art by Salvador Larroca, and David Ocampo. Hawkeye + Deadpool written by Christopher Hastings with art by Reilly Brown and Brad Armstrong. The first story is a simple reminder, Don’t. Mess. With Shadowcat. She pretty much takes out Absorbing man with one hand, AND she makes the teams of Hydra and A.I.M. to clean up the mess they made fighting each other. Hawkeye and Deadpool was just the best of all the A+X stories I’ve read so far. I would never have thought that these two would get along so well, or that Deadpool ended up being the more reasonable one of them. This issue is definitely worth picking up.


Written by: Bradley Yesko

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