Make your Xbox One into an “Xbook One” for as little as $1,500

Microsoft is the only company in the battle of the gaming giants, that doesn’t have a portable/handheld console to extend gamers interest outside of their homes. This time around though  Ed Zarick , a modder , found a way to make the Xbox One into a laptop and dubbed it : The Xbook One.


Zarick meshed together the guts of an Xbox One and a  22 inch Vizio television screen, along with some 3D printed parts and made a brand new product that Microsoft may not have even thought of. There are a few particular “downfalls” with the Xbook One though: you still need to plug it in. There’s no battery power source, so it’s built like a laptop, but you can’t unplug it from the outlet and take it another room; you’re still restricted by the length of  the Xbox One’s power cord. Also, it’s still pretty hefty a weight– for a laptop, but still better than carrying around an actual 22 inch tv and Xbox One console and there’s no way way “yet” to use the Kinect if you ever felt the need for motion controls.

Interested in Ed’s creation process of the Xbook One? Check out his video here:

You can snag a Xbook One for $1,495 (plus shipping) if you have the extra cash to spare.

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

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