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Making a respectable 174.5 million dollars in it’s opening weekend, Iron Man 3 appears to have lived up to the hype and standards of movie making that Marvel has made itself known for. The threequel reunites the cast from Iron Man 2 and includes actors Ben Kingsley and Guy Pierce adding their talent to the already impressive resume this movie offers. Like many of you who are comic book readers and know the actual story of Iron Man’s origins, I was very excited to hear that The Mandarin was going to be the main villain in Iron Man 3. Such an iconic character has graced television and video games as well as recurring bouts with Tony Stark in comics. I was also wondering if maybe a mention or hopefully a showing of the dragon alien Fin Fang Foom would grace the screen.

Here is what I did end up seeing…

Firstly, I thought it was clever to give Stark PTSD after the ordeal with The Avengers. It was a great substitute to his alcoholism in the comics. This  change allowed parents to still bring their kids to see Iron Man 3 and gave us a  good reason why Stark was being so distant and off-putting. In a time where we deem any movie with people smoking cigarettes in it to be R rated, the writers handled this issue very well.

The introduction of the organization Advanced Idea Mechanics or A.I.M. was such a great idea! Throughout the years, A.I.M. has been a thorn in Stark’s ass as they try to use his tech and scientific achievements to further their own goals. This is no different as Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), one of A.I.M.’s founders, is trying to do just that. Obviously there were other main goals in this movie for the bad guys, but in the gist of it all, it was Stark’s scientific abilities that they needed.

The last thing I liked about this movie, was the final battle scene. I give much respect to the person that realized, shaking the camera during a fight is a horrible idea. It didn’t work in Expendables and it certainly didn’t work in any of the Transformers movies. However, with so much going on, to have that fight in the middle of the night made things difficult to make out. All those different types of armors with their own special abilities and we couldn’t see a damn thing! What a waste of time for the CG and special effects crew.




I’m all for patriotism and loving ones country, but ,did we really need another America vs. Terrorism movie? That’s basically how Iron Man 3 comes off to me. When you make a movie like The Avengers, with space aliens and giant monsters attacking Manhattan, one should feel the need to either raise the bar or at least meet it (the bar) in any movie that follows after. This is why I felt that Ben Kingsley’s interpretation of The Mandarin was such a huge let down. Here you have the greatest enemy Iron Man has ever known, the very reason he made the armor in the first place and he is made out to be a joke! The potential for an infamous battle between the two characters would have been epic to say the least.

Also, did anyone else see the irony of calling War Machine– Iron Patriot? For those of you who don’t know, Iron Patriot was the name Norman Osborne used when he had Stark’s armor and was head of the United States national security. I believe it was basically Marvel’s way of saying that many Americans will believe anything with a new name and a fresh coat of paint on it.

What did I think of the movie as a whole? Well, if you aren’t into comics– then the movie was great. If you’re an enthusiast like myself, then you’re going to want to wait until it comes out on DVD or stream it on Netflix– it feels like less of a waste of time if you do it like that.


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Written by: Bradley Yesko

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  1. springheeljac July 14, 2013 | Reply

    I really felt like Iron Man 3 was the weakest of the three. But that’s not to say I thought it was bad, I definitely enjoyed it. But it seemed to me that it was a set up to introduce AIM and some more villains, all most like a prequel for the comic book fans to set up back stories for well known and liked villains. Which is fine, I just thought it was weaker than the other two.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the PTSD, so I disagree with you there. I feel like it’s a poor substitute for alcoholism because PTSD is something that’s done to him in the movies and alcoholism is really something he does to himself in the comics. I think him getting away from being an alcoholic is a story of redemption in the comics and now it’s kind of off the table.

  2. Cymbiotik August 4, 2013 | Reply

    Damn SCG. You wrote my thoughts to the letter. Well played. I also enjoy how they tied the PTSD from Avengers into his story. That worked out wonderfully.

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