More Details On Special and Collector’s Edition For Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition

MORE details have been released for the Special and Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto V and it’s sounds like it’s worth making the trip to the nearest GameStop, EbGames, GAME, etc, and put the money down for a preorder!

Custom Characters for Grand Theft Auto Online (Collector’s Edition only)

Claude Grand Theft Auto 3

Claude… of course we want to make babies with Claude.

Here’s what makes Grand Theft Auto’s Online character customization so different: it’s hereditary based. You choose your character’s heritage, then use the dial to gauge how much of which parents genes you want to dominate your character! Similar to SIMS, you’ll choose your character’s lifestyle, like being a couch potato, a jock, how much time they spend bonding with their family,  if them do any ahem…. illegal work and everything you do effects your body physically and  your skills sets, which can be upgraded via game play.  As part of the Collector’s Edition package, you’ll get  Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system.

Stunt Plane Trials

Stunt Plane TrialsIn five unique challenges, you’ll fly through deserts, mountains, oceans and cities at breakneck speeds with the Grand Theft Auto V stunt plan trials. Each maze has a series of checkpoints designed to push you and your stunt plane to the limit.



Unique Vehicles and Garage Property (Collector’s Edition only)

Hotknife-GTAVThe Collector’s Edition features two custom vehicles: the CarbonRS sports bike and the Hotknife — a 1930’s style hot ride in an exclusive garage. With Grand Theft Auto Online, you’ll be able to purchase the luxury electric car called the Khamelion (only for GTA Online) and your garage through special in-game websites through your character’s cell phone.


Special Ability Boost

All three characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin have a unique special ability that activates when their Special Ability Bar is filled. Trevor is a sociopath, with a bad temper with a drug addiction who’s special ability sends him into a maniacal rage, dealing double the damage to enemies but he takes half of any damage . With the Special and Collector’s Edition, his special ability bar builds 25% faster. Michael is an expert marksman– his special ability allows him to pick off his enemies at ease by slowing down time in his gunfights. Franklin is armed with lightning quick reflexes as a skilled driver and his special ability slows down time while driving any road-based vehicle, so he can navigate traffic and hug curves like a pro at high speeds.


Additional Weapons

Bullpop ShotgunBoth versions’ Ammu-Nation, will be stocked with the .50 Caliber Pistol and the Bullpop Shotgun, that have their own customization options, attachments and skins. In addition to that, you;ll  also have access to the intimidating melee weapon “The Hammer”.


Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More

Michael, Franklin and Trevor will receive an automatic 20% discount when visiting any shops in Blaine County and Los Santos along with special items either in their personal wardrobes or from stores.


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