Why Did Google Drop Twitch?

An unexpected announcement shook the gaming community this week– Amazon would be buying Twitch. But…. wasn’t Google supposed to snatch up Twitch for $1 billion dollars? It was about to go down, but with a thorough investigation of their possible acquisition– Google found that there would be too many potential antitrust issues since it it already owns YouTube. Youtube also offers streaming services just like Twitch and the two companies just couldn’t come to an agreement on the separation fee should the deal fall through.

But this isn’t the first time Google has been called out for antitrust issues; several investigations have sparked from U.S. and European complaints that the top search engine company oversteps it’s boundaries in advertising and online search services.

After the smoke cleared, Amazon offered the best deal and will be sitting in $970 million worth of  Twitch shares before the end of the year.

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

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