Forget About the Glitches: Five Reasons Why Battlefield 4 Rules

Battlefield 4

Gaming fans erupted in raptures of delight when the much anticipated fourth chapter of Battlefield was released in late October this year. Before you knew it, cheats for Battlefield 4 (BF4) were out in the public domain. However, the whoops were short-lived, as gamers started experiencing a series of issues, including connectivity problems, soon after. Developers EA Digital Illusions CE, popularly known as DICE, apologized to disappointed fans while swiftly putting in the required hours to cure the game of its glitches. I was exasperated too at first, but in spite of it all, here are my 5 top reasons as to why BF4 still wins the top spot for the best release of the year:

#1 Commander mode rocks

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

One of the best things about the newest installment is the commander mode – think Battlefield 2 – which allows the commander (one for each team) to reveal enemy positions or drop supplies, which increases the gamut of the gaming experience no end. If you find a team with good communication skills and mutual trust, you can really make use of the mode to punch in some strategic plays and turn the game around.

#2 Levolution is my favorite new word

Battlefield 4 Levolution

Its amazing level design and ‘levolution’ too has won me over . The term ‘levolution’ implies a mechanic which allows landscapes to change in real time, depending on the players’ moves. Granted that it works better on some levels than others, but it deserves credit for powerfully changing the dynamics of the games and offering fresh challenges to the players.

#3 Realistic graphics

Battlefield 4 Graphics

Battlefield 4 is all about fantastic graphics worth ogling at. I was blown over by the level of realism of the game. A word of warning though is that since the game was built for newer consoles like Xbox One or PS4, you might find that the visuals might blur on older models.

#4 Under the sea…

battlefield 4 underwater

Players can now swim under water, sprint continuously, encounter knife attacks, unlock special knives and customize their vehicles to a far greater degree. I think the guys behind BF4 really made an effort in personalizing every aspect of the game.  The super large range of choices ensures that the game lasts longer, as there is more scope for experimentation and strategizing than ever before.

#5 Realistic sound


Where the sound quality is concerned, BF4 is a definite improvement on its earlier versions which were panned for bad audio. The sound of the latest release adds to its realism much like the visuals. I am also very happy about is sound effects that are better than in any video game of recent times. The only gripe I have is the lack of ambient sound.

So, to wrap it up…

BF4 is definitely a gamer’s delight, whether it’s for any of the reasons mentioned above or because of its spectacular water-based combats or indeed its superior storyline and characterizations. I’d say it combines the best features of all BF prequels. Christmas has surely arrived a couple of months early if you are a gamer. And if you are a first-timer, boy, do you have a treat awaiting you.


Written by: Frank Hartkopf

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