DCUO Expanding To (Finally) Include New Gods

While the inhabitants of the planet known as Earth fight to save their home from a dark and dismal future at the hands of Brainiac, a battle of a different kind is about to take place in the Fourth World. While Superman and the forces of the Justice League fight evil on Earth, darkness, more aptly put, Darkseid’s son, Kalibak, and his minions, are about to descend on New Genesis in the 11th DLC pack, Halls of Power Part 1, for DC Universe Online.

In 2011, Sony Online Entertainment released an MMORPG that became widely successful and popular with DC Comics fans. DCUO lets players fight alongside their favorite heroes or villains by creating their own character(s) to either save or destroy the world. DCUO inhabits a world created by famous DC writers including Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman. The world is artistically envisioned by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee.

League Halls screenshot with some of Darkseid's Parademon soldiers. Photo Courtesy: Gamespress

A League Halls screenshot with some of Darkseid’s Parademon soldiers. Photo Courtesy: Gamespress

In the new installment to the franchise, Kalibak and Mantis have enlisted Darkseid’s agents (Parademon’s and other interesting baddies) to explore the underbellies of New Genesis and Apokolips to find and retrieve some powerful ancient relics to use for an undisclosed dark purpose. Here’s hoping it has something to do with Apokolips invading Earth or finding the Anti-Life Equation (fingers crossed). Standing in their way, however, are Mister Miracle, Big Barda and a host of heroes from Earth that players control. Depending on which side of the line players stand, this story could have dire consequences on the future of DCUO.

The DLC comes packed with five all-new co-op multiplayer adventures, two 8-player Raids, one 8-player Operation, one 4-player Alert and one 4-player Operation. Also, six new Skill Points will be available to earn, and players will have access to a range of new Collections, Feats, Gear, and Base items. Player League Halls, which will come as part of a free update to the game for all players prior to the release of the DLC, and iconic locations such as Apokolips and New Genesis, will serve as the main back drops.

DC Universe Online logo. Photo Courtesy: Gamespress

DC Universe Online logo.
Photo Courtesy: Gamespress

Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director, DC Universe Online, stated that “we know our players experience a tremendous sense of camaraderie when they take on adventures together, so we wanted to pack a variety of challenging group content into this DLC that we know they will enjoy. As a welcome addition to DCUO, players will finally be able to play with or against the heroes and villains present in the Fourth World pack. “We’re also expanding the DCUO storyline [by] introducing players to characters from both New Genesis and Apokolips, and we think heroes and villains alike will be very pleased with how the Halls of Power trilogy evolves,” said Anderson.

The New Gods await your arrival later this summer as the free to play MMORPG receives an omega beam sized awakening as Halls of Power Part I  DLC pack becomes available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. The pack will be available as a free download for Members and for purchase by non-members via PSN, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via DCUniverseOnline.com. Will you stand with the citizens of New Genesis as they protect their home from evil? Will you lead a battalion of Parademon’s into the battle zone looking for the missing relics? The choice is yours.

Source: Gamespress


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