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The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2 : A House Divided Review

Wow. I literally just finished the second chapter of The Walking Dead Season Two and I am amazed, hurt, angry…. and anxious for chapter 3. This chapter entitled  A House Divided, was probably one of the most exasperating chapters in season 1 & 2 (in a good way). Staying true to form, The Walking Dead gives you hope and then snatches it away when you least expect it! Continuing from the last chapter,  Clementine is still with the group that she was brought to when she was injured in the woods, but the group is now more close knit and trusts her now that they’ve experienced quite a traumatic event, leading to a new villain and a reunion with an old friend.

A House Divided gave me some painstaking decisions and one thing Telltale has on point is that no matter what choices you have there’s really no right or wrong way to do things; you’re just trying to survive and live a little longer so you can perhaps see a light at the end of the tunnel. But here’s an EXTRA goody that Telltale really stepped up on: I’ve learned that with games like these to keep two save files for different decisions that I like to make so I can compare the story and decide if it was even worth being the good guy or an asshole. Until now, to me, though there were some slight story differences, I really could have done without two save files since they pretty much ended up with almost the same script. In A House Divided though…. I found that a certain decision, cost me a life that I didn’t lose the first time around! Now, THIS was a reason to keep two save files!

I thought maybe I’d find something wrong with this chapter,  but there really isn’t anything I can complain about; any questions that occurred in your head during chapter 2 and even a few from the last chapter, were met with an answer that connected everything so smoothly and added more “uumph” to the storyline. The length of gameplay is just the right amount unlike The Wolf Among Us (which seems very short compared to this series) unless, I was just that engrossed in the story that  it seemed like forever!

I do have a slight indirect complaint about this episode… I just need for Telltale to keep their word about when episode is coming out! Yes,  chapter 2 did come out the same day that they announced, but got damn it, when you say the episode will be available for download at 12 o’clock, it better be ready at 12 o’clock! I waited a whole 3 hours to download the new chapter, but I have to admit, it was well worth the wait! If you haven’t put your hands into Telltale’s The Walking Dead pie, I implore you, go to Steam, download the very first season, grab the 400 Days DLC  and then play through the first two chapters of season 2 and you’ll understand some very important chapter references especially,  in A House Divided.

I purposely left out a lot of details because I am so afraid to spoil it and there’s a just too much at risk for me to haphazardly talk about the story. However if you’re not interested in purchasing it on your own, later on we’ll have an upload of The Walking Dead Season Two Chapter 2  play-through  in our “Less Talk, More Play” mode which allows you to watch the game being played as if it were a movie, without the pesky commentary, as the suspenseful heartbreaking story unfolds! Orrrr….. you could always enter our The Walking Dead Game Season 2 giveaway which will earn you a PS3 Season Pass (that’s all 5 chapters) for season two at 12 o’ clock !

This time, I’ll leave a score out of it and wait until the end of the season, to determine the greatness of what might be another “Game of the Year “Telltale masterpiece.


The Good

  • different decisions, really do affect the story drastically

The Bad

  • Has nothing to do with the game itself, I just need Telltale to drop the game when they say it's going to be available

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