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The Walking Dead Season 2 Chapter 3: In Harm’s Way Review

In the last episode of The Walking Dead, Carver caught up to Clementine and the crew and it wasn’t pretty. After having their ass handed to them in a heated stand off, Carver escorted them back to a well guarded facility, with plenty of food and water. Of course, it was run like a prison, especially for those that had the misfortune of landing Carver’s bad side. Episode 3 has a star and for once it isn’t Clementine; to my surprise, it was Carver. If you’ve read The Walking Dead comics, Carver will remind you of a man named Negan. Though they are similar in level of sanity (or lack thereof), Carver really puts some fear into you as an unpredictable and sadistic character.

As far as the story is concerned, Telltale’s brand of storytelling draws you in and you become the character. Although I was aware that I was controlling Clementine, I found myself ducking and dodging as if I was really in the game. The intensity of the danger that you have to sort through in this chapter is almost suffocating, yet….refreshing. Chapter 3 proved to be a turning point for many characters in the game of “put up or shutup”. Some became stronger and others turned into doubtful wimps.

Though for me Clementine wasn’t the star of “In Harm’s Way”, she held her own for several stressful missions and her amount of bravery is simply out of this world. As usual, Telltale really knows how to lure you into becoming secure in what you think will happen next and then throw you for a loop. I found myself getting mentally prepared for plans that never had a chance, usually because of someone else’s shitty choices. What really blew me away was the ending; The Walking Dead has you make some face past, do-or-die choices, that could either cost you or someone else their life. In Telltale’s universe, anyone can get it and no one is safe during the zombie apocalypse.

If I had anything to pick on, for the PC version, I found that the instructions for assigned actions were a little confusing at some points. For example, one scene asked me to hold down the A key, I believe in order to move. When you think of holding a button down, you press down and well…. hold it. In this case, though, you had to keep pressing the button in order to scoot pass an object. It took me maybe 3 or 4 times to figure that part out and while it’s a tiny flaw, it’s still something that the player shouldn’t have to go through.

As mentioned before, we are reserving an official score until the end of this season, in which we will go over previous chapters and give a final score. But I will say…


The Good

  • Found myself ducking and dodging in real life-- that's how involved you become
  • Fantastic Villain

The Bad

  • button prompts can be a little confusing

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