A Sprinkle of Minecraft and Team Fortress: King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur's Gold The Polish are WINNING. They’ve brought us awesome games like The Witcher and now a company called Transhuman Design is  releasing a redesign of their indie hit, King Arthur’s Gold.  Just to give you a little background,  two years ago, Michal Marcinkowski, started King Arthur’s Gold (KAG), in his bedroom — completely coded, funded and marketed KAG by himself. Then along came musician David Pencil (PennyArcade) and pixel artist and co-designer Max Cahill to complete the underground, yet extremely successful alpha for KAG. Several awards  and top tier website/blog mentions later, the team decided to reinvent KAG (now known as KAG classic) with a Minecraft feel!






KAG2But what is KAG?

Mixing the creativity of Minecraft, class based team aspect of Team Fortress 2, the strategic medieval environment of Age of Empires 2 and fun-spiration from their previous hit Soldat,  King Arthur’s Gold is a  medieval world, 32 Multiplayer, 2D cooperative war game, in which you can play an archer, knight or builder while, utilizing physics to determine the construction and destruction of fortresses.



Key Features:

  • 32 players realtime multiplayer
  • State of the art retro pixel graphics
  •  2 teams
  • 3 classes: builder, knight and archer
  • Drivable catapults and battleships
  •  Bison taming
  • Collapsible physics based on construction support
  • Medieval sword duels
  • Shark riding
  • Building castles and traps
  • Technology research and trading
  • Dynamic 2D water and fire
  • Wilhelm’s scream
  • Available on 3 platforms (Win,OSX,Linux)
  • Just 9.99$ for months of fun + full access to game’s scripts and modding

So where can you play this amazeballz of a  game? Head to King Arthur’s Gold’s official site  HERE! They have a pre-order price for $9.99 and with that you’ll receive a book chronicling the work put into KAG, PLUS a beta installer, so you can play and get a feel of KAG and give your input.

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

Lover of all cheese and red velvet cakes. Writer, dancer, horrible singer, comic book hoarder and huge SNES fan. Probably the only person on the planet that doesn't think the Dreamcast was all that great.

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