5 Annoying Habits Uppity Gamers Have

We’ve seen them in person, but the numbers are immeasurable on the internet, where they can hide behind a screen  and feign self- professed authority, hoping that it  translates to others online. Whether we become annoyed to the point that we  stop responding or are mischievous enough to troll their bourgeois mentality, everybody hates an uppity gamer and here are  5 reasons why:


Cite what they know as fact, even though they’ve been proven WRONG.

What I said was right! *posts link that proves what they said as wrong* (Usually an addition of a few words are used to try to make their statement to be correct all the same).

31291626A couple of days ago in a Facebook Nintendo 3DS community, a member asked if we were excited about E3. There were several comments and I noticed someone say that Nintendo is not  having an event at at Best Buy that will allow consumers the chance to try WiiU games featured at E3. I commented that Nintendo is indeed having an event at participating Best Buy locations. Not long after, “K” posted:

“Grim actually Nintendo is not having an event at Best Buy.”

Confused but open to the possibility of me being incorrect, I googled and confirmed that Nintendo was still planning on setting up unreleased games to play at Best Buy. Just as I was about to respond, a  fellow commenter posted another source solidifying my earlier claim. Their response was : ” Well everybody is doing it, not Nintendo!” Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter whether  everyone is setting up kiosks at BestBuy, Nintendo is still allowing costumers to experience a “mini E3”!

The very same naysayer, claimed that Nintendo wasn’t going to be at E3 at all. I told her that Nintendo will most definitely be at E3, but they will not be hosting a huge press conference like the other two console giants, Microsoft and Sony. (Also, Best Buy isn’t hosting Microsoft and Sony kiosks during E3. Where she got that from I have no idea, but if you know feel free to post it in the comments). I also stated that they would be talking to a limited amount of media on June 11th, along with relaying game info through Nintendo Direct. I even went as far as listing the booth  locations they had reserved at E3 (as per Shawn “Locdaborg” Jackson, who is also attending E3).

She said, ” No they aren’t going to be at E3! See?” and posted a link to an article on IGN, which confirmed what myself and another group member said: no big conference, smaller media coverage and games to be played at E3. When her mistake was disclosed she retorted, ” That’s just for business partners. Nintendo will be limiting their media and booths to business partners.” I was floored.


Think their gaming friends are the end all, be all.

wii u

a1ho4j.jpg“All of the gamers I know would never play that game/said the game was horrible”,  of course, in reference to you saying that you thought the game was good or wasn’t THAT bad. These uppity gamers will shove your opinion out the window, even if they’ve never played the game before. Their single defense is because their gamer buddies don’t like it, it must be bad, therefore you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Seems legit. Lately, this line seems to always pop up in conversations about the WiiU.  It never fails– someone will invalidate another person’s opinion or try to shame them for having a WiiU by saying “None of my friends have a WiiU.” How does that cancel out someone else’s experience? Some will even tag a friend or two, to see if they can grab a crowd in making sure you know, that your opinions are wrong as ever.







Talk down to you/try to make you feel stupid for your choice in favorite game or console.

“Yeah I like to play more sophisticated games, that game is for morons. “

You’ll listen to them sing their praises of a past or current game and how they’d recommend it to anyone willing to lend an ear and then you make the mistake of sharing what you love to play and the storm arrives; your game is inferior or is made for kids! This uppity gamer will give you side eye and literally stick their nose in the air while they give you a long speech on why your game would never make it into their coveted gaming collection and anybody who plays it should be ashamed to call themselves as a gamer. God help you if the discussion is about the awaited new gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox ONE. Angry comments about which console is better than the other,  take the place of the “adult” thought process called Agree to Disagree or simply agreeing that both consoles have their ups and downs, you just happen to have a preference in which cons you’d rather deal with.

The most prevalent group in gaming battles are PC warriors: “PC is better than everything!”, “That’s why I stick to PC!”, “Consoles will never be as powerful as PCs!” Relax. I happen to play on both PC and console, but some people truly prefer and enjoy having a controller in their hands versus a mouse and a keyboard. Either way, we’re all gamers, so what’s the big deal?


Become extremely upset when  you or other people don’t agree with them on a game/console and then claim YOU’RE the one getting in your feelings.

38419279Game forums and Facebook groups/pages are teaming with folk who can’t effectively discuss anything without it breaking to a full blown argument. Sometimes that argument is one-sided; you’ll observe as one person  responds very matter of factly and the other person (already clearly upset and defensive), misread, add words  and/or take offense for absolutely no reason to what originally said. When you call them out on their dramatic behavior, they’ll say one of two lines:

  • I don’t have time for this/you’re being childish
  • If you’re a woman, they’ll tell you you’re being overly sensitive even if you weren’t the one to get upset.

This is when you know they have no ground to stand on and have no idea how to respond.



Throw “Gamer Cred” at you.

“I’ve been playing games for X amount of years, therefore your argument is null and void.”

hello-my-name-is-stickerPossibly the most annoying of the 5, I hate to see uppity gamers throw how many years they have been “gaming” to shut someone up– they have no idea how old a person is nor what games they’ve played, yet the moment  they say “Well, I’ve been playing games for such and such amount of years  and (condescending comment here) is supposed to obliterate anything you know or play! It sucks even more when I see male gamers play the “Good Ole Boy” card at a female gamer. Surely, a woman could never have more gamer knowledge than you and her opinion should be struck from internet records! Playing games for 50 years doesn’t make you a great gamer nor does it make you the Keeper of All Game Knowledge– it just makes you a connoisseur of games.

The gaming community– the REAL one, whether it’s video or table top games, we treat each other with respect and are aware that regardless of what we choose to play in our spare time, we are a FAMILY.

Written by: Makeda "Grim" De'Jene

Lover of all cheese and red velvet cakes. Writer, dancer, horrible singer, comic book hoarder and huge SNES fan. Probably the only person on the planet that doesn't think the Dreamcast was all that great.

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  1. Shawn Jackson June 5, 2013 | Reply
    Now THIS... I totally agree with EVERYTHING written here. Some people just can't handle being wrong or admit that they're biased. Good article, Grim!
  2. Jessie Hunt October 3, 2013 | Reply
    Good article!!! I can't wait until they invent a way to reach into the monitor and punch them in the mouth!!!! lol

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